Regulatory Compliance Automation Software
Regulatory Compliance Automation Software

It’s Time to Shift Compliance Left

Bridge the divide between security and compliance. Start and stay compliant with your ongoing regulatory obligations.

Trusted by Local and Global Organizations

RegScale is the only solution that holistically
manages your compliance program—both manual
and automated assessments—at scale.


Save time and reduce risk by moving your compliance artifacts into a digital system of record.


Integrate with your existing security and compliance tools to keep your compliance documentation continuously up to date.


Assess once and use across many standards and frameworks, output in both human- and machine-readable formats.


Deployable in any environment with tenants for every business unit, with enterprise reporting across the organization in your Business Intelligence platform of choice.

Complex Regulatory Landscape

Corporations spend thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars in regulatory fines every year—and those numbers continue to rise with the growing number of regulations.

According to Gartner, organizations that began to automate their compliance reduced external audit costs by 27%. Shifting left compliance means that you start compliant and stay compliant, and minimize risks like audit fines and reputation loss.

62% of Organizations Expect External Audit Fees to Increase (Gartner, 2021)

Reduce risk. Improve agility. Lower costs.

Is your organization struggling to keep up with complex regulatory
requirements? Reduce this burden and maintain real-time compliance that’s
continuous and complete with RegScale.

We provide software created by experts in compliance and Regulatory
Operations (RegOps). Our goal is to help your organization mitigate risk and
regain control by automating compliance from the start.

Compliance Challenges

How RegScale Solves Common Compliance Challenges

Real-Time Action

Holistically visualize your state of compliance in real-time vs. point-in-time snapshots in PowerPoint presentations.

Always Up to Date

Allow automation to keep your paperwork up to date with little or no manual labor via our countless integrations and APIs.

Proactive vs Reactive

Maintain an always-ready audit posture with dashboards and analytics that provide actionable insights into regulatory compliance risks.

Discover Our Difference

Seamless Architecture

  • Install in minutes; not months like our competition
  • Deploy anywhere (Linux, Windows IIS, or our Virtual Appliance)
  • Run on-premises or in the cloud

Advanced Automation

  • Easily integrate your systems with 100s of real-time APIs
  • Human- and machine-readable output in NIST’s Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL)
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with a growing number of platforms including Microsoft Teams, Slack, MITRE Security Assessment Framework (SAF), JIRA, Tenable, ServiceNow, and

First-Rate Flexibility

  • Rely on our wizards to quickly create compliance artifacts
  • Easily consolidate tools with our multi-tenant architecture
  • Reduce development costs with drag and drop configuration with no code

How RegScale Works With Your Organization

Understand how our digital compliance solution saves your team money, reduces risk, and increases speed of operations.



Easily create compliance artifacts, leveraging a guided approach with no copy and paste

Compliance Concierge

Turnkey onboarding of your existing compliance artifacts into the platform.

Rapid Time to Value

Deploy in under an hour on any platform (on-premises, cloud, or air-gapped) with no developers.



Leverage our APIs to increase the value of cyber scanning tools and update your compliance paperwork in real-time.


Automate handoffs between cyber security and operations when issues are detected, enabling cyber information assurance and engineering staff to work collaboratively together with automated workflow.



Reuse your artifacts from one framework to another in real-time with our drag-and-drop mapping tools, reducing the burden of complying with multiple regulations manually, all while leveraging the same audits/evidence (assess once/use many).


Leverage our best-in-class industry support for OSCAL to automate compliance checks using digital tools.


Business Intelligence

Visualize your risk and compliance in real-time across the entire organization with no manual reporting processes.


Stand up tenants for each business unit, delivering consolidation of tools while enabling freedom in the business units to execute their unique processes.

Save Money

Reduce Risk

Increase Speed

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RegScale helps you stay continuously compliant with the vast number of growing regulations that govern your organization and industry - all in real-time.