Navigating Naval Security in the Digital Age

May 2 - May 3, 2023 05:00 pm

Advanced software applications hosted in the cloud are the backbone of Department of Defense IT modernization initiatives, with the agency requesting $1.12 billion for commercial cloud services in FY 2022 alone. While government has long relied on an official Authority to Operate (ATO) designation to ensure cloud services are vetted and secure, this bureaucratic, often manual, process can no longer keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. How can defense agencies balance the need for verified, sophisticated security controls essential for national security with that of timely technology adoption necessary for mission success?

During this webinar, government and industry experts will explore how automating ATO processes can streamline procurement, reduce costs, minimize risk and accelerate software deployment. With a special spotlight on the Navy, we’ll discuss specific solutions and platforms designed to achieve ATO automation and best practices for their implementation.


Brian Patrick Laird

Assistant Commander for Supply Chain Technology / Systems Integration and Chief Information Officer, Naval Supply Systems Command

Scott St. Pierre

Deputy Director, Enterprise Networks and Cybersecurity, U.S. Navy

Travis Howerton

Chief Technology Officer, RegScale

Enrique Oti

Chief Technology Officer, Second Front Systems

George Jackson

Executive Producer, GovExec TV