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RegScale was built by practitioners for practitioners. We are compliance and cybersecurity experts, sharpened in highly regulated industries from nuclear energy to the military to financial services. We’ve done it. We know how to do it better and faster. Now we’re offering you the solution. 

Skyrocketing cyber threats, securities regulations, consumer privacy laws, and federal contractor requirements have made achieving, maintaining, and demonstrating compliance increasingly complex. This is why you can put our combined experience and ingenuity to work to shorten and simplify your compliance and certification processes.   


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“The manual process of compliance—updating static Excel spreadsheets and Word documents—doesn’t make sense in an ephemeral serverless-based world. The genesis behind our company is making self-updating, paperless compliance-as-code that embraces DevOps and the cloud—where the pace of change becomes easy, versus always being a struggle.”  

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Travis Howerton

Co-Founder and CEO, RegScale

Our leadership team 

Here are the faces behind our success, making it their mission to make compliance and certification simpler.

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Travis Howerton


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Eric Erston


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Michael Needel


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Larry Whiteside Jr.


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Esty Peskowitz

Director of Marketing

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Dale Hoak

Director of Information Security

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Gavin Maxfield

Director of Expert Services

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Jim Townsend

Senior Director of Customer Enablement

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Steven Coles

Vice President and General Manager, Federal

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Joe Tremblay

Director of Revenue Operations

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Russ James

Director for IT Operations and Architecture

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Caylor Norris

Director of Product Management

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Our awards and recognition testify to our success 

Continuous controls monitoring is the answer 

Learn from our co-founder and CEO, Travis Howerton, why compliance is where fun goes to die and how RegScale is disrupting the GRC industry—with ease.

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RegScale’s Founders

Meet RegScale’s co-founders, who turned an idea for a better way into a business. 

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Anil Karmel


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Travis Howerton headshot

Travis Howerton


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Our investors believe in our innovation

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