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Shift left security with compliance as code. End audit fatigue by automating every phase of your controls lifecycle. RegScale’s CCM platform delivers always-on readiness and self-updating paperwork. Integrate compliance as code into the CI/CD pipelines, speed certification, reduce costs, and future-proof your security posture with our cloud-native solution.

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Reduction in audit prep
& response time
Submission of FedRAMP
High package vs. 18 months
Reduction in effort to
complete SOC 2 Type 1

CCM Superhighway

Determine where to get started on your CCM journey and move your risk and compliance program into the fast lane. Integrate compliance as code to generate outsized ROI and rapid time-to-value in 20% of the time and money of legacy GRC tools.

Use Case FedRAMP certification
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FedRAMP Certification

The fastest way to FedRAMP with automated generation of artifacts, simplified assessments, and industry-leading support for Compliance as Code with NIST OSCAL.

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Rapid Certification

Wizard-driven and guided processes to rapidly obtain certifications with over 1000+ regulations, including NIST 800-53, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, NYDFS, SEC, FFIEC, DORA, and more!

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Use Case Automated Evidence Collection
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Automated Evidence Collection

With dozens of integrations with leading scanners, cloud hyper-scalers, and ITIL tools, we provide plug-and-play automation for evidence collection and remediation workflows.

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Use Case Simplified Risk Management
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Simplified Risk Management

Consolidated and simple roll-up reporting for audit risk, 3rd party vendor risk, threat-modeling and system risk, and enterprise risk management processes.

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DevSecOps & Compliance as Code

Shift left security with compliance as code to integrate into the CI/CD pipelines, speed certification, reduce costs, and future-proof your security posture with our cloud-native solution.

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Continuous Controls Mapping

Implement and assess once, then reuse across multiple frameworks to eliminate redundant work and enter new markets more rapidly.

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Knock down silos and consolidate your controls library


Manage controls across multiple compliance frameworks.


Manage controls for internal policies and procedures.


Manage controls to mitigate risks in your environment.

Automated controls lifecycle management

Simplify and streamline your control lifecycle with advanced automation, industry-leading AI, and pre-built business processes based on decades of lessons learned in the industry. Rapidly configure to meet your unique business requirements and then ruthlessly automate every phase of the control lifecycle.

Interactive circle with segments that shows the RegScale Controls Lifestyle Management

01: Build the Program

1000+ Supported Regulations, including NIST 800-53, FedRAMP, SOC2, SOX, PCI DSS, NYDFS, SEC, DORA, FFIEC, and more!

Implement and assess once, then reuse across multiple frameworks to eliminate redundant work and enter new markets more rapidly.

Intuitive and guided experiences to build the program using dynamic wizards that ensure consistent process execution.

Leverage AI to explain controls, author them, and perform automated edits to reduce or eliminate many manual labor tasks.

02: Collect the Evidence

Say goodbye to data calls from regulators and Internal Audit. Manage a centralized evidence repository with automation and become always audit ready.

Understand in detail the changes to your risk and compliance posture over time. Our patented Time Travel system allows you to view every change to every record over its lifecycle.

World's first headless CCM platform. Extend our platform to integrate with any technology or security stack using our 1200+ APIs and Security Graph.

Dozens of integrations with the leading security scanners, cloud hyper-scalers, ITIL tools, GRCs, and DevSecOps tooling. Just turn it on, set it, and forget it.

03: Assess the Controls

Not every control can be automated. We have built the simplest and fastest solution in the market for conducting manual control assessments.

Nobody wants to give auditors access to their system of record. We auto-generate artifacts in Microsoft Office on demand, so you are always audit-ready and can provide point-in-time snapshots at any time.

Dozens of integrations with the leading security scanners, cloud hyper-scalers, ITIL tools, GRCs, and DevSecOps tooling. Just turn it on, set it, and forget it for automated technical assessments.

Tired of reading lengthy and boring security program documentation in Word and Excel? Let our AI auditor take the first pass and perform automated compliance audits in minutes.

04: Fix the Issues

Tired of painful handoffs between IT and Security and manual copy-and-paste exercises between tools? We automate remediation workflows end to end between the leading commercial scanners and ITIL tools.

Need stronger governance in your remediation program? Customize our phase gate approval process to ensure issues are fully remediated and verified and that they won't reoccur.

Visualize progress in completing your preventive and corrective actions and ensure you stay on top of deadlines and deliverables.

Accelerate mean time to remediation of vulnerabilities while providing full audit traceability using our comprehensive vulnerability management workflows.

05: Manage the Risk

Controls are most effective when they are aligned to actual attack scenarios. Our threat modeling solution allows you to build risk mitigation programs based on how your systems will actually be attacked.

Our Enterprise Risk solution expands beyond IT/Cyber risk into advanced risk modeling for the full range of organizational needs (HR, Legal, Safety, etc.).

Focus risk management practices at the lowest level possible with a 360-degree view of assets. Prioritize risk management based on information types, misconfigurations, and vulnerability data.

Flow down requirements to vendors and ensure compliance with our advanced questionnaire system, procurement system integrations, and assessment capabilities.

Assess the risk of non-compliance with regulatory frameworks, provide mitigating controls, and document and approve exceptions.

Translate risks to dollars using our quantitative risk analysis tools with Monte Carlo simulations that help translate risk mitigation plans to bottom-line ROI.

06: Govern the Risk

Out-of-the-box reporting, dashboards, and scorecards visualize compliance and risk posture in real-time. Extend to BI tools using Graph and APIs.

Compliance and risk processes do not execute in isolation. Provide real-time integrations to broader organizational business processes using our real-time, event-driven architecture.

Nobody is perfect and sometimes you have to deviate from policy. Our exception management process allows you to document the risk, establish durations for the exception, and ensure strong governance.

Maintaining your risk and compliance posture over time takes discipline. Our change management process documents every difference so you are always audit ready.

Never get surprised in an audit again. Our real-time alerts integrate with Teams, Slack, and email to ensure your employees get notified in real-time as things change and deliverables are due.

Extreme automation, advanced AI, and actionable data

Risk data illustration

Break down data silos

Clean up browser tab nightmares and stop the day-wrecking data calls from internal auditors and regulators. RegScale collects all of your risk and compliance data in one place, generates self-updating paperwork, and makes information readily accessible to any user or system that needs it.

Unleash extreme automation

Manual copy-and-paste exercises are soul-crushing endeavors in the risk and compliance arena. Use our plug-and-play automation platform to streamline your workflows and self-generate compliance artifacts in Word and Excel on demand. Your employees will thank you for it!

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Unlock AI everywhere

The whole industry exists to provide paperwork nobody wants to read, and nobody wants to write. Use our AI to write your controls, conduct your audits, and tell you what is important. Our AI gives you massive amounts of time back so you can focus on more important things.

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