Automate your controls lifecycle management 

RegScale streamlines the management of your entire controls lifecycle. We make things simple—through advanced automations, industry-leading AI tools, and built-in business processes based on decades of lessons we’ve learned in the industry. RegScale is as adaptive as you need, letting you rapidly configure processes to meet your unique business requirements and then ruthlessly automate every phase of your controls lifecycle.   

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Improve cybersecurity by streamlining your controls lifecycle 

All controls go through the same lifecycle. RegScale uses advanced automation and AI to help you effortlessly navigate, visualize, and optimize all stages of the controls lifecycle, from configuration to managing emerging threats. Learn more about the controls lifecycle stages and how you can streamline the process 

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Building the Controls Universe

RegScale streamlines the process of configuring controls, ensuring they meet stringent cybersecurity and compliance standards. Controls undergo rigorous categorization, whether they originate from regulations, policies, or risks. Our versatile platform lets you adapt controls easily, harnessing automation to maximize efficiency and effortlessly implement and attest to controls, satisfying regulatory compliance and demonstrating cybersecurity resilience.  

Collecting Evidence

Revolutionize your evidence collection process with RegScale’s advanced capabilities, ensuring seamless implementation of controls and regulatory compliance. As the second stage in the control lifecycle, Collect Evidence streamlines critical documentation gathering to demonstrate control implementation effectively. 

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Assessing Control Effectiveness 

RegScale helps you easily monitor and close gaps in the assessment process to ensure controls meet rigorous cybersecurity and compliance standards and regulatory frameworks. Using a single, unified platform with full visibility, Internal Audit, regulators, and other lines of defense can collaborate to validate control adequacy through evidence reviews, interviews, and direct work observation.

Fixing Control Drift and Issues  

Addressing control drift and issues is critical to maintaining cybersecurity resilience and regulatory compliance. Over time, controls may degrade or become inadequate, leading to vulnerabilities. This stage focuses on identifying and remedying such issues promptly and effectively.

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Managing Risk throughout the Lifecycle

RegScale lets you seamlessly navigate risk-based decisions throughout the control lifecycle. Risk factors influence control selection, sample size determination, exception handling, and response to emerging threats. This constitutes a pivotal aspect of control management.  

Governing the Controls Landscape 

Elevate your control lifecycle with robust governance mechanisms that seamlessly integrate into every phase of the control lifecycle. Governing the controls ensures meticulous decision-making, risk acceptance, and change management, fostering cybersecurity resilience and compliance.  

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