Automate Your Compliance with the Efficiency of AI 

RegScale’s uses RegML—its AI-powered engine—to automate every phase of your compliance lifecycle, enhancing your speed, precision, and decision-making. Tap into instant compliance. Generate documentation with a single click, pinpoint control gaps, and unlock strategic enhancements. RegML is compliance accelerated, harnessing AI to slash time, cut costs, and boost quality.  

Automate Your Compliance with the Efficiency of AI

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Accelerate Compliance with RegScale AI  

Complete control documentation in minutes 
Control gap assessment scorecard  
Reduction in effort to write control implementations

Smarter, faster compliance—built on an AI foundation

Empower your compliance program with RegML, the AI-driven companion at your service. RegML scores the output on your team, allowing you to focus on the low scoring areas, in turn saving time, money, and creating a better work product at all expertise levels. With RegML, you can effortlessly mine existing policies for comprehensive compliance documents, shape controls, and shed the light on hidden gaps, all through a single-click interface. Positive impact is instantaneous. RegML is engineered to supercharge your compliance journey, ensuring documentation is not just faster, but fundamentally better.  

Illustration of RegScale's Extractor tool demonstrating how AI perpetually updates paperwork

Perpetually Update Paperwork 

Compliance documentation is automatically derived from your existing policies and procedures. Get compliant faster, reuse documentation you already have, and let our AI generate the paperwork for you.

Clarify Complex Controls 

Demystify the complexity of control statements.  
Educate users in-app and in context with role-friendly summaries. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, Explainer ensures you effortlessly grasp a control’s intent. 

Clarify Complex Controls

Activate AI-powered audit readiness now

Experience the transformative power of RegML and propel compliance management at the speed of AI.  

Control Drafts and Feedback in Minutes

Control Drafts and Feedback in Minutes  

Start at 80% complete and finish with 90% less effort. Gain accuracy and precision by using AI to draft controls in context to satisfy relevant regulations. Eliminate errors and improve consistency in control documentation. 

Assess Success with a One-Click Control Gap Scorecard  

Evaluate controls on demand and recommend improvements in a single click, saving weeks of time and effort. Free your team to close the gaps and enhance audit readiness with confidence. 

Assess Success with a One-Click Control Gap Scorecard

Automate Controls Lifecycle Management 

Simplify and streamline your controls lifecycle with advanced automation, industry-leading AI, and pre-built business processes based on decades of lessons learned in the industry. Rapidly configure to meet your unique business requirements and then ruthlessly automate every phase of the controls lifecycle.

Interactive circle with segments that shows the RegScale Controls Lifestyle Management

Build Program: Quickly build a robust program with RegML. Extract compliance documents from existing policies, craft controls with 90% less effort, and enhance user understanding to guide informed actions on controls. 

Collect Evidence: RegML provides clear, in-app control explanations, facilitating more effective understanding and correlation between the evidence request and respective controls. 

Assess Controls: RegML delivers on-demand, AI-enabled control evaluations with actionable recommendations for enhancement. Bolstering audit readiness with continuous feedback on controls has never been easier. 

Fix Controls: Quickly identify controls gaps with RegML, enabling teams to prioritize remediation promptly and efficiently. 

Risk Management: RegML dramatically cuts risk management efforts with AI-drafted control statements, one-click enhancements, and continuous gap assessments. Our AI enhances user understanding of complex controls that mitigate risks. 

Governance: Extractor keeps compliance documentation updated with the latest governance policies effortlessly.  

Revolutionize the control lifecycle with AI-powered precision and efficiency

Streamline compliance, risk, and governance workflows with AI for unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, from automating document creation to enhancing controls through automated assessments.