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RegScale Compliance & Certification Solutions for High Tech 

RegScale’s continuous controls monitoring, and AI-driven automation provide technology developers with the fastest and cheapest way on the planet to accelerate FedRAMP authorization and other certifications. 

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Trusted by the most effortlessly secure and compliant organizations on the planet

Get to market faster 

Leverage RegScale’s extreme automation to make complying with regulatory frameworks orders of magnitude faster and cheaper than manual processes. 

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FedRAMP acceleration

Reduce the time and expense of obtaining a FedRAMP certification by 50% or more on average.

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Automated continuous monitoring

Once you have obtained your FedRAMP, leverage our automation platform to lower the cost of monthly continuous monitoring programs.

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Package validation before submittal

Our native NIST OSCAL support automatically enables you to review and validate your FedRAMP package before submitting it, giving you the edge to improve the package quality—so you get it right the first time. 

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Enterprise risk modeling

Model risk across every facet of your organization including by business unit/capability, threat-based risk modeling, asset risk, third party risk, and audit risk. 

Knock Down Silos and Consolidate your Control Library


Manage controls across multiple compliance frameworks.


Manage controls for internal policies and procedures.


Manage controls to mitigate risks in your environment.

Scalability future-proofs your business without growing pains

As tech companies grow, they need a platform that can scale with their expanding needs without the drag of complexity or high costs. As your data volume, user base, and complexity increase, our platform’s security, risk, and compliance capabilities grow with you.

Our CCM platform is built on a multi-tier, multi-tenant architecture that segregates users and data within a single, shared instance. 

Multi-tenant architecture

RegScale can be deployed anywhere: SaaS, on-premises, desktop, classified networks, air-gapped networks (not connected to the internet), etc. 

Deploy Everywhere You Choose

RegScale’s headless and API-centric infrastructure adapts quickly to changes and enables a swift scale-up of operations across multiple user interfaces and systems. 

Effortless expansion with headless technology 

Compliance Frameworks

More Compliance Frameworks

CCPA icon


State statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection of personal data for residents of California.



Provides a high-level taxonomy of cybersecurity outcomes and a methodology to assess and manage those outcomes.

SOC 2 icon


Standards for service providers to securely manage and protect the interests and privacy of their customers’ data.

HIPAA icon


Legislation protecting the privacy of individual’s medical records and other personal health information.

GDPR icon


European Union’s (EU) regulation enforcing data privacy and protection for individuals within the EU.

FedRAMP icon


Risk-based approach and requirements for modern cloud technologies to secure and protect federal information.

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