Fix Issues

Fix Controls Drift and Issues

Addressing controls drift and other issues that may weaken your organization’s cybersecurity resilience and regulatory compliance. Over time, controls may degrade or become inadequate, leading to vulnerabilities. This stage focuses on identifying and fixing such issues promptly and effectively.

Fix Controls Drift and Issues

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Fix issues: maintaining controls effectiveness 

As controls evolve, issues may arise, necessitating timely resolution. From establishing due dates to conducting causal analysis, this stage ensures controls remain effective and aligned with emerging threats and risks.  

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ITIL Tool Integrations  

Seamlessly integrate remediation workflows between IT and Security tools, automating tedious tasks and streamlining collaboration. Harness AI to optimize efficiency and ensure cybersecurity standards compliance across the organization.

Screening and Phase Gating

Enhance governance with customizable approval processes, ensuring thorough issue remediation and preventing recurrence. Utilize AI-driven screening to identify potential risks and implement effective phase-gating strategies for robust control over remediation efforts. 

Screening and Phase Gating

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Kanban Board

Visualize and manage remediation progress effectively, staying organized and meeting deadlines with ease. Leverage AI-enhanced analytics to prioritize tasks and allocate resources efficiently, ensuring timely resolution of issues and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management 

Accelerate mean time to remediate vulnerabilities while providing full audit traceability using our comprehensive vulnerability management workflows. Utilize AI algorithms to detect and prioritize vulnerabilities, enabling proactive risk mitigation and ensuring continuous compliance with cybersecurity standards such as PCI and FedRAMP. 

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