Automated Controls Mapping

Expand Your Compliance into New Frameworks & Certifications

It’s never been easier to boost your certified offerings that can open up new business. RegScale automates controls mapping to effortlessly expand into frameworks and certifications, slashing redundant work and regulatory overhead with continuous controls monitoring.   

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Access Thousands of Frameworks with One Click 

RegScale’s Automated Controls Mapping revolutionizes compliance management, seamlessly integrating with the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) to apply single controls across various frameworks automatically. Say goodbye to redundant work and regulatory whack-a-mole.  

Continuous Controls Mapping

Scale up Your GRC Outcomes with Continuous Controls Mapping  

As the business changes, so does the regulatory environment in which you operate. Stay ahead of regulatory changes with RegScale’s real-time control updates and dynamic compliance assurance. Swiftly pivot to meet new regulations and gain strategic focus for entering new markets with automated controls mapping. 

Test-Once, Comply-Many

Before Continuous Controls Mapping, organizations experienced redundant manual work, endless regulatory changes, and the fear of outdated paperwork. RegScale’s CCM transforms this scenario by providing rapid market expansion, supercharging staff so they focus on what matters most, cutting costs, and ensuring regulatory agility at scale. Use the real-time gap analysis tool for instant gap analysis reporting to ensure you act quickly.  

Control Mapping Completed
Automated Mapping Gives You Access to Thousands of Frameworks

Automated Mapping Gives You Access to Thousands of Frameworks  

With RegScale’s extreme automation, you eliminate manual Excel headaches and transform control mapping from a burdensome task to a set-and-forget solution. You also have access to thousands of frameworks with Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) integration.

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