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Challenge: Navigating the maze of information security compliance

Solution: Streamlining compliance through continuous controls monitoring

Results: Transforming information security compliance reporting

Outcomes with RegScale

  • Eliminate redundant controls and related testing
  • Quickly identify compliance gaps
  • Visibility to security and compliance posture


Through automated controls mapping and workflow automation, a Fortunate 500 enterprise quickly realized process efficiencies, identified program deficiencies, and gained visibility to security and compliance posture.

Challenge: navigating the maze of information security compliance

In the intricate landscape of information security, a prominent Fortune 500 company in the food service industry found itself entangled in the complexities of adhering to numerous compliance regulations, including the NIST 800-53 standard.

The daunting task of ensuring compliance across a myriad of frameworks presented a significant challenge. The use of spreadsheets, their initial approach, proved to be inefficient and cumbersome, impeding the ability to accurately report the organization’s compliance posture to the Board. This method led to control redundancies and duplicate control testing. The company was in desperate need of a solution that could facilitate the loading and mapping of control sets, embracing a test-once-comply-many methodology, and offer straightforward reporting features to effectively communicate status and results with executives.

Solution: streamlining compliance through continuous controls monitoring

In response to these challenges, the company implemented RegScale’s continuous controls monitoring (CCM) platform, pivoting to a “test once, comply many” strategy. This innovative solution drastically reduced redundancies across controls and testing efforts, facilitating a more streamlined compliance process.

By identifying control gaps and implementing proactive remediation measures, the company could address potential issues before they escalated. Moreover, the introduction of centralized data management, alongside real-time dashboards and reporting, provided unparalleled visibility into the company’s security and compliance status. This strategic overhaul not only enhanced efficiency but also fostered a more cohesive and transparent approach to managing information security.

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Result: transforming information security compliance reporting

The adoption of RegScale’s compliance framework catalogs and automated controls cross-mapping were a strategic transformation extended beyond mere compliance mapping. This has redefined the company’s entire outlook on compliance and security reporting. By eliminating redundant controls and the need for repetitive testing, the organization significantly streamlined its compliance processes. The ability to identify and address compliance gaps proactively bolstered the company’s security measures. Most importantly, the enhanced reporting capabilities enabled the company to confidently present a clear and accurate depiction of its security and compliance posture to the Board. This journey optimized compliance efforts and reinforced the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security.

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