Accelerate FedRAMP with RegScale’s OSCAL-Powered Platform

The road to FedRAMP is long and winding, but RegScale can put you in the fast lane to certification. Using NIST OSCAL (Open Security Control Assessment Language) native tools, RegScale enables one-click exports to generate FedRAMP artifacts. This accelerates the process by minimizing error-prone manual workload, slashing submission and audit preparation times.  

Accelerate FedRAMP with RegScale’s OSCAL-Powered Platform

OSCAL-Based Tools Speed Certification and Compliance 

Besides one-click artifact generation for FedRAMP, RegScale’s compliance management system automates the generation of Plans of Action and Milestones (POAMs), System Security Plans (SSPs), Security Assessment Plans (SAPs), and Security Assessment Reports (SARs), all compliant with OSCAL standards. Leveraging compliance-as-code principles, RegScale slashes turnaround times by up to 60%, enabling CSPs to achieve FedRAMP authorization swiftly and effortlessly. 

Time to Value in 4 easy steps

Time to Value in 4 Easy Steps 

Simplify your FedRAMP authorization process with the help of RegScale’s powerful automations, driven by AI and continuous control monitoring. Create your Security Plan, conduct Assessments, export FedRAMP artifacts, and generate comprehensive compliance documentation—all in a few steps. 

Export to FedRAMP in Whatever Format You Need  

One-click export to NIST OSCAL significantly reduces the time and effort required to generate FedRAMP artifacts. RegScale offers automated POAM generation with the ability to output SAPs and SARs in OSCAL. 

FedRAMP Export image
Automated processes with streamlined compliance image

Automations Take the Pain out of Compliance 

RegScale’s automation capabilities leverage compliance-as-code to manage controls and enable real-time visibility and reporting. By eliminating a slow, static, manual process, our OSCAL-based tools reduce costs and errors, taking the headache out of compliance.

RegScale is now FedRAMP High “In Process”  

You can trust that RegScale is secure because the Federal government trusts us, too! Using RegScale’s CCM platform, our security team generated and submitted the FedRAMP High package 3x faster than the average and did so at 50% less cost.

RegScale CCM on the FedRAMP Marketplace

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