Build Controls for Better Compliance

Internal controls are the backbone of compliance. They are fundamental components of policies and procedures for managing, measuring, and reporting potential risks. RegScale eases the burden of manually configuring your controls, while ensuring they meet stringent cybersecurity and compliance standards. 

RegScale’s compliance management system seamlessly integrates and automates the categorization of your controls, whether they originate from regulations, policies, or risks. This lets your organization effortlessly implement and attest to controls, to satisfy regulatory compliance and improve cybersecurity resilience.  

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Build the program to fit your framework 

Whether navigating FedRAMP or RMF frameworks, the Build stage lays the foundation for a resilient and adaptive controls environment, enhanced by AI and simplified by automation.  

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Fully Digitized Regulations 

RegScale’s comprehensive compliance support provides coverage for more than 1,000 regulations, including NIST 800-53, FedRAMP, SOC2, SOX, PCI DSS, NYDFS, SEC, DORA, FFIEC, and more. Access the full list of catalogs we support, to ensure all your compliance frameworks are covered.

Control Mapping

Mapping controls saves time. You can implement and assess once, then reuse across multiple frameworks. This makes workflow radically more efficient and speeds your market entry. Eliminate redundancy, streamline processes, and accelerate expansion with a single implementation. 

Control Mapping

See what RegScale can streamline for you

Book a demo now for a quick walkthrough of how our continuous controls monitoring can solve your compliance, risk, and cybersecurity challenges. 

Wizard-Driven Builder

Accelerate your program development by leveraging our intuitive, guided experiences to streamline every step of the process. With the aid of dynamic wizards, you’ll navigate through intricate tasks effortlessly, ensuring a consistent and efficient execution of your processes.   

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AI-Driven Automation and Authoring

AI-Driven Automation and Authoring

RegScale’s platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve and automate many control management processes. RegScale’s RegML tool clarifies control intricacies, automates authoring tasks, and executes edits precisely. By leveraging RegML, organizations can significantly reduce or eliminate manual labor, enhancing efficiency and accuracy across control management workflows.   

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