Rapid Certifications

Shorten Your Time to Market with Swift Compliance 

Achieve compliance at warp speed with our automation-driven solution, designed by industry experts to swiftly obtain certifications across multiple frameworks. Leverage our best-in-class regulatory coverage, extreme automation, and real-time monitoring to slash through red tape and dominate the market. 

Shorten Your Time to Market with Swift Compliance

Automation drives faster certifications  

Thanks to RegScale’s AI-driven reports and compliance process automations, your organization can rapidly demonstrate compliance with privacy and other frameworks needed to obtain certifications for PCI, SOX, GDPR, SOC 2, ISO, and CMMC. Cut through bureaucratic hurdles and eliminate time-consuming manual processes.  

Built around compliance-as-code, our platform makes it easy to manage controls, run risk assessments, collect evidence, and other tasks essential for certification—resulting in huge time savings compared to manual processes. For example, RegScale success stories include 94% less effort to prepare for SOC 2 Type 2 and 30% lower costs for CMMC. 

Wizard Driven Processes

Wizard-Driven Processes

Wizard-driven processes simplify and expedite certification across various frameworks, enabling unprecedented efficiencies in risk assessment and other compliance preparations. With expert-designed workflows and automation tools, you can easily navigate complex regulatory requirements.  

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay ahead of compliance challenges with our real-time monitoring capabilities. Receive alerts and notifications for potential issues, enabling proactive risk management and ensuring continuous compliance. With comprehensive reporting and dashboards, you can make informed decisions based on up-to-date compliance data.  

Real Time Monitoring
Lighting Assessments

Lightning Assessments

RegScale’s lightning assessment feature enables quick and efficient evaluation of compliance status, letting you identify and address gaps quickly, improving your cybersecurity posture and shortening your time for certifications. AI-driven insights and other capabilities further minimize audit preparation efforts. 

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