Speeding up FedRAMP Compliance for Cloud Services

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Challenge: Expensive, manual process of navigating FedRAMP submission

Solution: Embracing automation for streamlined FedRAMP compliance

Results: Securing growth through automated FedRAMP compliance

Outcomes with RegScale

  • Streamline advisory practices for FedRAMP clients
  • FedRAMP packages in OSCAL, Word, or Excel formats
  • Advisory services growth at scale


A specialized cloud consulting firm had difficulty ramping up its operations, since compiling FedRAMP was a manual process. By implementing RegScale to automate and speed their submission of FedRAMP packages, the firm was able to increase top line revenue with improved margins, streamlining and enriching their advisory practices. This allowed them to deliver a faster-to-market experience for their clients.

Challenge: expensive, manual process of navigating FedRAMP submission

A specialized cloud consulting firm faced significant hurdles to scale its operations, primarily due to the cumbersome, manual, and expensive nature of FedRAMP compliance processes. Compiling FedRAMP packages was a daunting task, consuming excessive time and prone to human error, making it a struggle for the firm to efficiently expand its advisory services. The firm was mired in a cycle of manual processes and data collection that hamstrung its ability to grow, further compounded by difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff knowledgeable in FedRAMP practices.

Solution: embracing automation for streamlined FedRAMP compliance

In pursuit of a more efficient approach, the firm turned to RegScale’s continuous controls monitoring platform, marking a pivotal shift in how they managed FedRAMP compliance. RegScale’s platform revolutionized the firm’s operations with advanced NIST OSCAL-native capabilities and AI-enabled features like extraction of compliance documentation from existing policies or one-click control gap analysis assessments.

This contributed to swift and accurate generation of essential FedRAMP documentation, like the System Security Plan (SSP) and Security Assessment Report (SAR), among others. This solution streamlined the creation and maintenance of FedRAMP packages through self-updating paperwork, automated workflows, alerts, and dynamic dashboards. This significantly reduced the time and effort involved, paving the way for a substantial improvement in the firm’s service quality and efficiency.

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Result: securing growth through automated FedRAMP compliance

The strategic adoption of RegScale’s platform transformed the firm’s FedRAMP compliance services. Eliminating the manual tasks reduced error risks and accelerated their FedRAMP package compilation and enabled the firm to offer their clients a faster track to obtaining their Authority to Operate (ATO). This advancement positioned the firm for scalable growth and opened new avenues for revenue enhancement at significantly improved margins demonstrating the power of automation to not only modernize compliance practices but optimize business profitability.

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