The Regulatory Landscape in 2030: What You Need to Know

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February 28, 2024
The Regulatory Landscape

The technological world in 2030 promises radical transformation and unprecedented advancements. With the omnipresence of cloud technology, organizations will face new and unique technological and regulatory challenges at a relentless pace, a pace that many organizations are not prepared for. This webinar delves into the evolving landscape of compliance and risk, highlighting crucial adjustments organizations need to make now to excel in the future’s hyper-speed era.

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  • The role of continuous controls monitoring and compliance as code
  • How your organization can generate on-demand, audit-ready documentation
  • How to achieve the ultimate goal: a unified security, risk, and compliance strategy
  • Learn from other organizations, reducing 60% in audit prep and response time

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    Travis Howerton



  • Christian Schnedler

    Christian Schnedler

    Managing Director, Cyber Practice Lead


  • billb

    Bill Brenner

    VP, Content Strategy

    CyberRisk Alliance

  • Krista A

    Krista Arndt

    Chief Information Security Officer

    United Musculoskeletal Partners