Navigating Naval Security in the Digital Age

Navigating Naval Security in the Digital Age Advanced software applications hosted in the cloud are the backbone of Department of Defense IT modernization initiatives, with the agency requesting $1.12 billion for commercial cloud services in FY 2022 alone. While government has long relied on an official Authority to Operate (ATO) designation to ensure cloud services […]

Accelerating Your Compliance Journey to FedRAMP Ready and Authorized

Accelerating Your Compliance Journey to FedRAMP Ready and Authorized If you’re a cloud service provider (CSP) looking to grow your federal business, chances are you’ve heard of FedRAMP — a key part of the federal government’s approach to securing cloud consumption. Learn more about how you can accelerate your compliance journey to get FedRAMP ready […]

Automating Security and Compliance via a new Standard-of-Standard

Developed by NIST, OSCAL is a set of formats expressed in XML, JSON, and YAML that provide machine-readable representations of control catalogs, control baselines, system security plans, and assessment plans and results. As early adopters and advocates, RegScale leaders embraced OSCAL as a standards-based foundation for developing its technology. In this session, you will learn […]

Security Automation Simplified via NIST OSCAL: We’re not in Kansas Anymore

The life of information technology and security professionals is complicated.  As we have more systems that we are responsible for certifying or crediting, systems on-prem and on the cloud, that complexity yields higher risk to data and compliance. You will learn about NIST’s Open Security Control Assessment Language (OSCAL) in this session. This format allows […]

Security vs. Compliance: Can you have both?

Tired catchphrases such as “Compliance is not security”, “You can’t protect what you can’t see,” and “Cyber must speak the language of the business” abound in our industry, with numerous conversations focused on the problem. Given the rise of the API-centric economy, the time has come to an end the debate once and for all […]

The Future of Compliance for Nuclear Utilities: Discover how AI/ML Compliance

We invite individuals and their cybersecurity teams to discover how to leverage AI and Machine Learning to manage nuclear utility compliance!  The webinar will explain how to lower time-consuming compliance costs, use AI/ML to automate compliance related-tasks, an improve strategic decision-making for your nuclear site or fleet.    Watch this webinar to learn:   How smart software can look across […]

The Future of FedRAMP: Automate and Accelerate with OSCAL

Hosted by Dcode, this webinar unpacks the FedRAMP process, discusses how the program will change, and offers insights and lessons learned about how and when to pursue FedRAMP.  This educational session will provide a unique perspective from FedRAMP experts:  Emagine IT (EIT) and RegScale, who are two leaders in the security and compliance space.  Watch […]