AO Perspectives: Managing Risks and Streamlining ATO Decision-Making

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May 2, 2024
AO Perspectives: Managing Risks and Streamlining ATO Decision Making with RegScale, Carahsoft, and Defense Unicorns

Navigating the Approval to Operate (ATO) process can be daunting. As an Authorized Official (AO), you know this journey is critical for safeguarding your organization’s resilience. But what if these challenges could be transformed into opportunities for innovation and growth? In the webinar, the panelists uncovered insider secrets to mastering the ATO approval process and protecting your organization against evolving threats.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn: 

  • Navigating ATO challenges: Understanding assessments and what re-assessment will potentially mean for time-allocation (i.e., evidence collection) is crucial for success.  
  • Automating for success: Focusing on criticality and importance while capturing context and creating iterative automation would make the process more manageable. Automation not only streamlines the ability to collect a body of evidence but should also be treated as the quality gate for introducing new changes to the system.  
  • Continuous monitoring (cATO) for security: Continuous monitoring is a critical component in staying ahead of emerging risks and vulnerabilities. Ask yourself: what processes do you have in-place to make the evaluation of additional system validation easy to do?

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