Streamlining Compliance and Enhancing Security with RegScale’s Continuous Controls Monitoring Platform

Streamlining Compliance and Enhancing Security with RegScales Continuous Controls Monitoring Platform

Continuous control monitoring (CCM) supports the management of the control lifecycle by providing real-time visibility into the effectiveness of security controls, enabling proactive risk management, and facilitating ongoing compliance. CCM allows agencies to continuously monitor the performance of security controls, identify potential issues or gaps, and take corrective actions quickly. To establish a control baseline, agencies should leverage CCM to build a rationalized set of controls that takes into account compliance requirements, operational needs, and cyber security risk.

RegScale is an automated, AI-driven platform that helps Government agencies implement NIST RMF, including continuous monitoring, to lower costs, strengthen security, and maintain compliance. RegScale aligns compliance controls with risks that are present for a given system, tailors controls to balance risk and cost, analyzes risk to quantify business impacts, allows mitigations to be applied, and aligns control implementations to the business risks they mitigate.

Our tech spotlight answers these common questions:

  • The NIST Risk Management Framework
  • How RegScale supports Government agencies, financial institutions and healthcare organizations
  • Key benefits of leveraging RegScale CCM platform

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