Ask Me Anything with Travis Howerton

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Watch Travis Howerton, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of RegScale, in the Innov865 ‘Ask Me Anything’ webinar, hosted by PYA Chief Alliance Officer and Editor of teknovation.biz, Tom Ballard. Watch this conversation to learn about Travis’ entrepreneurial journey and the transformative impact RegScale has had on the cybersecurity industry.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover how RegScale has disrupted the cybersecurity space, providing clients such as the U.S. Navy, ORNL, TDOT, and Starbucks with a more efficient cybersecurity experience.
  2. Explore how RegScale experimented and adapted to uncover its unique market niche, demonstrating the value of agility and innovation in entrepreneurship.
  3. Gain invaluable tips on raising capital and embracing the willingness to take calculated risks, even if it means “getting comfortable being stupid.”
  4. Learn about Travis’ vision for establishing Knoxville as an attractive hub for startups and his plans to contribute to the venture capital ecosystem.
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Travis Howerton