How to Achieve a Continuous Authorization to Operate (cATO)

On Demand

We invite individuals and their cybersecurity teams to align with the NIST Risk Management Framework’s emphasis on continuous Authorization to Operate.  

This webinar, joined by industry practitioners-turned-leaders Anil Karmel, Co-Founder and CEO of RegScale, along with Brandt Keller, Software Engineer of Defense Unicorns, explores better ways to understand and determine how cybersecurity professionals can achieve a cATO and output audit-ready documentation on-demand. 

Watch this webinar to learn:  

  • Why cATO is critical to the future of systems in government 
  • The type of analysis and planning that should go into preparing for cATO  
  • The building blocks of cATO are more than just process  
  • The role of DevSecOps in achieving cATO 


Brandt Keller

Software Engineer, Defense Unicorns

Anil Karmel

Co-founder and CEO, RegScale

Larry Whiteside Jr.

CISO, RegScale