How to Prepare for CMMC Mandate

On Demand

We invite individuals and their cybersecurity teams to learn how to prepare for DoD’s mandated Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program. 

Under the CMMC program, all Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors must implement certain cybersecurity protection standards and perform self-assessments or obtain third-party certification as a condition of the DoD contract award to better protect controlled unclassified information from adversaries. 

Are you looking to understand better and prepare for the mandated CMMC program in DoD contracts?  

Watch this webinar to learn:  

  • How to prepare for the new mandated CMMC program in contracts in May 2023 for DIB contractors 
  • How other contractors have digitized documents and automated alerts and remediation tracking 
  • The role of RegOps in maintaining a low SPRS and overhead  


Anil Karmel

Co-founder and CEO, RegScale

Larry Whiteside Jr.

CISO, RegScale

Brandt Keller

Sales Director, Carahsoft Technology Corp.

Amit Reizes

Director of Information Technology, Security & Compliance, Johnson Controls Federal Systems