The Future of FedRAMP: Automate and Accelerate with OSCAL

On Demand

Hosted by Dcode, this webinar unpacks the FedRAMP process, discusses how the program will change, and offers insights and lessons learned about how and when to pursue FedRAMP. 

This educational session will provide a unique perspective from FedRAMP experts: 

Emagine IT (EIT) and RegScale, who are two leaders in the security and compliance space. 

Watch this webinar if:  

  • You have ever pondered on the best next steps in attacking the FedRAMP authorization 
  • Process 
  • You are confused by 3PAOs and agency sponsors 
  • You are already in the midst of the process and have questions 


Anil Karmel

Co-founder and CEO, RegScale

Danny Riddle

Security & Compliance Evangelist, EmagineIT

Adam Chun

Director, Cybersecurity & Compliance 3PAO Practice, EmagineIT