RegScale Becomes the First to Support NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0

February 28, 2024 | By Esty Peskowitz
RegScale is the First to Announce Support for NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0

RegScale is proud to announce its achievement as the first governance, risk & compliance (GRC) solution to support Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0?

Designed to cater to all audiences, industries, and organizational types, CSF 2.0 is NIST’s newest risk management framework (RMF)—a comprehensive guide to reducing cybersecurity risks. This NIST RMF provides a clear and complete set of best practices, regardless of your level of cybersecurity sophistication.

In the 2.0 release, NIST has revised the fundamental guidance of the CSF and developed a range of resources to aid organizations in reaching their cybersecurity objectives, placing particular emphasis on governance and supply chains. This revision stems from an extensive multiyear effort involving discussions and public feedback geared towards enhancing the framework’s efficacy.

What do you need to know about NIST CSF 2.0?

🔍 Enhanced Guidance & Resources: Based on extensive feedback, CSF 2.0 features expanded core guidance and a suite of related resources, making it easier than ever to implement and utilize the framework effectively.

📈 Expanded Scope & Focus: CSF 2.0 goes beyond protecting critical infrastructure to encompass all organizations, with a new emphasis on governance. This ensures that cybersecurity is integrated into strategic decision-making processes at all levels.

💡 Tailored Pathways & Tools: Whether you’re a small business, enterprise risk manager, or part of a supply chain, CSF 2.0 offers tailored implementation examples and quick start guides to meet your specific needs.

🔄 Simplified Implementation: With the new CSF 2.0 Reference Tool and searchable catalog of informative references, implementing the framework has never been easier. You can now browse, search, and export data in user-friendly formats, facilitating seamless integration into your cybersecurity strategy.

🌍 Global Impact: CSF 2.0’s international reach is undeniable, with translations into multiple languages and alignment with ISO/IEC standards. Join us in shaping a more secure digital landscape!

RegScale Takes the Lead on NIST CSF 2.0!

At RegScale, we give software development teams easy and free tools to build a fully compliant application security program with support for tracking policies, related assessments, evidence collection, issues management/performance improvement, and other related workflows.

To that end, in a groundbreaking move, RegScale becomes the first and only Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) platform to support NIST CSF 2.0! Freshly published by NIST just two days ago, this catalog is now available for all in RegScale 5.32.

Download the catalog directly from our catalog library and seize the opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity practices with CSF 2.0. Get started today and stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats.

Ready to experience the power of RegScale supporting NIST CSF 2.0? Schedule a demo to see the platform in action and take your cybersecurity to new heights. Stay secure, stay ahead!

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