RegScale Partners with GRCIE: New Immersive Training Addresses GRC Talent and Diversity Shortage

May 31, 2023 | By Esty Peskowitz

The cybersecurity industry is grappling with a significant shortage of talent, be it due to a scarcity of skilled professionals or a deficiency in adequate training opportunities. As an industry, it is essential that we explore and implement increasingly inventive methods to train and cultivate cyber talent while simultaneously expanding the pool of professionals in this field. Overcoming this challenge is particularly complex since training has predominantly focused on the security operations area of the cybersecurity landscape rather than on automation.

To combat this challenge, GRC for Intelligent Ecosystems, GRCIE (pronounced Gracie), has partnered with RegScale, a real-time GRC platform, to create a unique training opportunity for those looking to enter the field of cybersecurity, particularly Governance, Risk, and Compliance. This partnership unlocks the potential to develop an extraordinary training curriculum that utilizes leading-edge simulation technology that leverages on advanced problem-solving techniques as well as complex cognitive challenges to deliver to the learners an engaging and immersive learning experience. Real-world scenarios are thoughtfully crafted in virtual reality to facilitate the practical application of students’ GRC skills, enabling them to apply their learnings in an apprenticeship effectively and, eventually, in their future professional endeavors.

“With the immense challenges that the cybersecurity and GRC industries face today, there is a critical need to shift the way organizations recruit,” said Anil Karmel, Co-founder and CEO of RegScale. “This is the only way to fill talent gaps and broaden how we address these challenges. GRCIE is leading efforts to transform how organizations recruit and train the cyber workforce. Their emphasis on diversity is key to tapping into talent that traditional recruitment and training avenues have missed. We are thrilled to partner with GRCIE and contribute to an immersive and simulation-based learning experience for those seeking to enter the field.”

“GRCIE is a nonprofit learning institute that is transforming the cybersecurity and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) learning experience using emerging technologies,” said Melissa Elza, Co-founder GRCIE, and Deputy Director & Head of NextCISO Academy. “It was imperative to partner with an organization that appreciated a reimagined learning experience. We have found this at RegScale. In addition, the practicality of the RegScale platform, along with its intuitive interface, makes teaching a platform to students jargon-free. RegScale has been and continues to be pivotal in removing the complexities surrounding GRCIE’s compliance requirements.”

RegScale recognizes that this partnership represents a significant advancement for the cybersecurity industry through its ability to provide GRCIE and its members access to an innovative technology that is shifting compliance left in line with the other sectors of cybersecurity that have already fully adopted it. Risk is becoming a focus for most businesses today, and regulations are becoming more prevalent across the globe. GRCIE is taking an opportunity to fill a much-needed void and provide opportunities to the often-forgotten portion of the cybersecurity industry. GRCIE announced it plans to exclusively use the RegScale platform to train people for GRC apprenticeships. The partnership between these industry newcomers will further the RegOps movement for the betterment of organizations nationwide.

RegScale is deeply committed to supporting GRCIE and other organizations to make the cybersecurity industry more inclusive and well-equipped to address the challenges of tomorrow.


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