RegScale Selected as Launch Partner for Wiz Integration (WIN) Platform

June 12, 2023 | By Esty Peskowitz
TYSONS CORNER, VA. – June 13. 2023 –  RegScale, a real-time Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software company, today announced its partnership with leading cloud security provider Wiz as the company unveils Wiz Integration (WIN). RegScale, hand selected as a launch partner, brings the power of real-time GRC to WIN, enabling easy and automated regulatory compliance reporting for any organization.

WIN enables Wiz and RegScale customers to share prioritized security findings with context, including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration findings. The combined value of these two offerings enables organizations to manage compliance at scale. Joint customers receive the following benefits:

  • Automate and capture data directly supporting risk and compliance programs from the Wiz platform to affected compliance packages. RegScale’s “Digital Core” graph database collects all the compliance and risk data from Wiz for consistent roll-ups, workflow execution, and automated regulatory reporting and audits.
  • Utilize Wiz and RegScale technology to keep compliance documentation updated and apply risk and vulnerability data to the OODA loop in real time.
  • Capture risks into a single risk register and manage risk against multiple compliance packages specific to a Wiz Project ID.
  • Capture and utilize Wiz data to conduct incident response and investigation data, including workflows and timelines.
  • Track the precise differences in versions of records over time and provide a chain of compliance custody with patented logging technology that includes immutable, cryptographic signatures.

“This partnership brings together Wiz’s best-in-class cloud security posture management with RegScale—the world’s first real-time Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform,” stated Anil Karmel, Co-Founder and CEO of RegScale. “We’ve effectively bridged the divide between security and compliance via our integrated solution, outputting audit-ready documentation on demand. Wiz + RegScale allows the federal government and commercial organizations to improve their cloud security, governance, risk, and compliance posture, all at a lower cost than traditional approaches. We look forward to delivering rapid, tangible value to our joint customers.”

“A best-in-class cloud operating model reduces risk, improves ROI, and drives efficiency,” said Oron Noah, Director of Product Management, Wiz. “That value proposition is what lies at the heart of WIN, and what partners like RegScale are helping to make a reality. This collaborative philosophy brings real customer benefits and we are so thankful to have RegScale on board for this launch.”

WIN is designed to enable a cloud security operating model where security and cloud teams work collaboratively to understand and control risks across their CI/CD pipeline. Wiz is setting the industry standard in integrated solution strategy to maximize the operational capabilities of organizations with partners like RegScale in WIN.

To learn how to leverage the power of RegScale and Wiz, schedule a demo today.

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