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Challenge: Thousands of hours of manual labor preparing for FedRAMP

Solution: RegScale enables seamless integration and automated reporting

Results: Significant reduction in FedRAMP preparation workload

Outcomes with RegScale

  • Quick time to value for initial FedRAMP program stand-up
  • Automated everything through seamless integrations and workflows
  • Self-updating paperwork and always audit-ready state


A cloud service provider integrated its prioritized security findings against security controls. This enabled effective FedRAMP compliance management, prioritizing issues and risks faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

Challenge: thousands of hours of manual labor preparing for FedRAMP

Traditionally, when a cloud service provider (CSP) prepares for a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO), it requires an extremely laborious and lengthy process, consuming hundreds or even thousands of labor hours over an 18 to 36-month period.

This work includes performing manual assessments and updates of controls, continuously monitoring controls, and compiling required report templates, such as the System Security Plan (SSP) or Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M). This is why many practitioners consider such preparations a “compliance nightmare.”

Such slow, cumbersome, and manual processes are a blocker to many organizations from entering the FedRAMP marketplace. Too much compliance paperwork also steals time away from development team, keeping them from building better products. For most organizations other than the most well-funded, maintaining authorization using traditional manual workflows is cost-prohibitive.

Solution: RegScale enables seamless integration and automated reporting

Through a seamless integration between its own platform and RegScale, compliance and risk data is now automatically collected and shared into a single source of truth for deeper visibility, real-time intelligence, consistent roll-ups, and automated FedRAMP reporting.

This enables a quick time to value for initial FedRAMP program stand-up and continuous monitoring for ongoing compliance. RegScale’s solution automates everything: workflows, evidence collection, readiness assessments, remediation, continuous monitoring, and report templates. RegScale even automates the collection of compliance and risk data captured in the CSP’s platform for better visibility and near real-time data intelligence.

A professional examining equipment in a data center with a digital tablet in hand.

Result: significant reduction in FedRAMP preparation workload

Since implementing RegScale’s platform, the CSP’s time spent on package preparation and reporting has been slashed exponentially. Automated, intuitive features include one-click generation of FedRAMP reports in Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) or Microsoft Office formats and required continuous monitoring.

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