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Challenge: Addressing compliance inefficiency in high-stakes environments

Solution: Automating compliance through innovation

Results: Transforming compliance management with RegScale’s scalable API-centered platform

Outcomes with RegScale

  • Setup in weeks leveraging APIs and OSCAL-native approach
  • Streamline compliance workflows across tens of thousands of systems
  • Scale new systems and regulations with automation and visibility to controls


A government R&D organization implemented RegScale, and within weeks, they streamlined issue management and workflows across tens of thousands of systems. Today the firm is well-positioned positioned to scale their compliance easily—to support rather than complicate their expected growth.

Challenge: addressing compliance inefficiency in high-stakes environments

In the vast and intricate world of research and development, one organization found itself stuck. Despite investing millions into technology tools aimed at enhancing productivity and compliance posture, the return was negligible. The challenge was monumental: managing compliance across more than 75,000 systems, all while adhering to a plethora of regulatory frameworks. The manual processes, once thought to be sufficient, faltered under the sheer volume of daily processing activities and the critical task of reporting compliance statuses to executives. The need for a transformative solution was clear, as the existing technology failed to make a dent in productivity or compliance, and manual efforts could not keep pace with the organization’s extensive demands.

Solution: automating compliance through innovation

In response to these daunting challenges, the organization embarked on a path to revolutionize its approach to compliance. The solution lay in creating and managing System Security Plans (SSPs) within a unified system of record, thereby streamlining what was once a dispersed and unwieldy process. The pivotal strategy was to automate everything—from compliance evidence and assessments to issue workflows and reporting. By implementing RegScale, the organization took a bold step towards automation through APIs and an OSCAL-native approach, promising a future where compliance could be managed with unprecedented efficiency and scalability.

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Result: transforming compliance management with RegScale’s scalable API-centered platform

With its API-centered design, OSCAL-enabled platform, and unparalleled scalability, RegScale became the linchpin in the organization’s quest to overhaul its compliance processes. Within weeks, the system was operational, digitizing frameworks, loading security controls, configuring workflows, and harnessing machine-to-machine communication to manage an immense volume of data. The result was a dramatic improvement in the organization’s ability to adopt new systems quickly, maintain visibility across its vast technological landscape, and implement a “zero-trust” security approach.

RegScale not only justified its implementation but also set a new standard in managing compliance and security in high-stakes R&D environments.

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