Centralized Compliance and Third-Party Risk Automation

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Infrastructure Solutions, Government Contractor

Use Cases

Rapid Certification, Automated Evidence Collection, Simplified Risk Management



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Challenge: Navigating compliance and risk in the building technology sector

Solution: Implementing streamlined compliance and risk with CCM

Results: Rapid centralization of compliance and risk workflows

Outcomes with RegScale

  • Gain visibility to compliance status and risks
  • Automate and re-use evidence collection for multiple audits
  • Identify and manage supplier risks


By integrating continuous controls monitoring into their compliance program, this building technologies and services company overcame scalability and cost efficiency challenges by automating compliance, centralizing data, and streamlining vendor risk assessments. Implementing RegScale enabled rapid centralization of data and automation of compliance and risk workflows across 6,000+ controls.

Challenge: navigating compliance and risk in the building technology sector

This large organization was challenged with passing audits, maintaining compliance authorizations, and managing supply chain risks. The company stood at a crossroads, facing the growing complexity of managing compliance across an ever-increasing portfolio of systems and assets.

With over 60 active systems, the reliance on manual processes was proving to be untenable. Their challenges were not simply about efficiency; it was a critical issue of scalability. The company was ensnared in an outdated approach—juggling third-party vendor risk management, scattered data across various platforms, and cumbersome spreadsheets to track it all.

Solution: implementing streamlined compliance and risk with CCM

In response to these challenges, the company embarked on a transformative journey to revamp their compliance and risk processes. They established a centralized system in RegScale, introducing integrated dashboards that brought visibility and control into the compliance status of their systems. By automating the collection of evidence for over 100 controls and enabling detailed supplier questionnaires, they streamlined their risk assessment procedures and established a new benchmark for CMMC compliance management.

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Result: rapid centralization of compliance and risk workflows

Transitioning to RegScale marked the beginning of a new era. The technological leap forward provided the means to efficiently pass audits, sustain compliance authorizations, and effectively manage supply chain risks from a unified, continuous controls monitoring platform. The move from manual, disconnected processes and data to a singular, automated system of record did not just meet the existing demands—it propelled the company into a future of cost savings, scalable system management, and enhanced transparency in compliance and risk management. The benefits were clear: substantial cost reductions, the ability to support system growth, and a comprehensive view of their compliance and risk landscape.

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