RegScale Releases Version 4.0 of the Platform

May 9, 2022 | By J. Travis Howerton

On May 9, 2022, RegScale announced general availability of Version 4.0 of the platform. Version 4.0 represents our most significant release to date which included:

  • A complete overhaul and modernization of the User Experience to provide improved context, less clicks, higher information density, and a modern and highly styled look and feel
  • Extreme performance improvements with front-end caching and API performance tuning that results in less network traffic, faster performance, and improved scalability
  • A new Command Line Interface (CLI) that allows for efficiently scheduling bulk processing of data and integrations with many commercial tools such as, ServiceNow, Tenable, Jira, and many more

“Over the first six months since the launch of our Enterprise Edition (EE) platform, we have obtained contracts with some of the largest organizations in the United States which are pushing the limits on complexity and scale for automating their compliance needs. The 4.0 release represents state of the art engineering and user interface design that is directly responsive to the feedback we have received from these customers. We are excited to bring these enhancements to the broader compliance community and help drive the art of the possible in compliance automation,” said Anil Karmel, CEO of RegScale.

Since our inception, RegScale has been a customer obsessed company that pushes the limits on what is technically possible, actively seeks customer feedback, and then iterates rapidly to deliver new capabilities based on that feedback. Version 4.0 represents a new high bar for the platform that incorporates a beautiful design, a highly performant architecture, and a scalable and easy approach to compliance automation that integrates with the industry leading platforms in this space. The result is a new platform that offers the following customer benefits:

  • An intuitive user experience that eases the learning curve for compliance professionals
  • Faster response times for all modules in the platform with less back-end calls resulting in lower network traffic costs
  • Ability to bulk load and integrate data and systems in minutes with the CLI without the need to custom code

Schedule a free demo today to learn how RegScale can help you continuously meet your compliance automation requirements. If you are ready to start automating your compliance processes for creating and managing System Security Plans (SSPs), Policies, Projects, and Supply Chain contracts, this demo will also show how you can leverage RegScale to automate your processes to lower manual labor costs, improve the breadth and timeliness of compliance data, and a state of the art User Experience to improve the quality of life for compliance professionals. We look forward to seeing how the community responds to our new capabilities and look forward to your continued feedback that helps us move the platform forward.

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