RegScale Accelerates FedRAMP ATO Process

Speed Time to Authorization with Automation.
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The FedRAMP Program

Based on the FedRAMP Authorization Act, signed into law on December 23, 2022, all cloud-based solutions procured by executive departments and agencies must be compliant with FedRAMP standards and maintain an authority-to-operate (ATO) status while in use. For a cloud solution provider to do business in this market, their cloud service offering (CSO) must be FedRAMP-certified. By the same token, FedRAMP needs the ability to take machine-readable packages and assess them with automation so it can accredit a lot more platforms faster.

Through NIST’s Open Security Control Assessment Language (OSCAL), a format that allows machine-to-machine communication, being able to submit machine-readable packages allows for the human to make risk-based decisions within the loop and reviews go from months to minutes when it’s fully deployed at FedRAMP.

FedRAMP ATO in half the time - with fewer engineering resources

As the only government, risk, and compliance (GRC) tool purpose-built on OSCAL with all OSCAL- native functionality, RegScale offers one-click export to OSCAL and generates FedRAMP artifacts. When submitting OSCAL, it will be faster and cheaper to get and maintain your FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO). OSCAL cuts down the time to final approval by being machine readable, preformatted, and validated with automated guidelines. Our unique OSCAL offering can accelerate the process from 18 months to three*, and reduction in preparation time by 50 – 60%.

How Does RegScale Accelerate the FedRAMP ATO Process?

Utilizing RegScale’s real-time capability allows companies to modernize and pivot from static compliance documentation and processes to a digital, real-time, and automated solution with more than 1,000 APIs and CLIs.

Leveraging our ecosystem of technical integrations and service providers helps companies streamline compliance and audit readiness and stay ahead of federal compliance requirements. 

Where do we go from here?

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