Trust and Resilience at the Core: RegScale’s Approach to Continuous Controls Monitoring

Trust and Resilience at the Core RegScales Approach to Continuous Controls Monitoring

New vulnerabilities are discovered daily in the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape as attackers continuously devise new methods to compromise systems. Traditionally, Government agencies would assess and certify systems, and they would be left to their own devices for months, years, or even decades without being reevaluated or examined. This approach leads to security breaches and non-compliance with regulations.

Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) overcomes limitations in legacy GRC by bridging security, risk, and compliance. It enables government agencies to better continuously understand the security and compliance posture of a system. RegScale is the only solution that holistically manages a government agency’s compliance program, including manual and automated assessments, at scale.

Our tech spotlight answers these common questions:

  • What is CCM?
  • Who benefits from CCM?
  • What are the enablers of CCM?

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